Thunder of the Falls

26th January, 2019 | Article By Josh Pattison

Forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe is Victoria Falls which, in my opinion, has got to be one of the most spectacular sights this world has to offer.  We visited in April and walked through the entrance to find we had found a little piece of heaven! Immediately, we were surrounded by rich vegetation, exotic wildlife, rainbows – yes there were more than one, and the thunderous sound of the of the world’s largest waterfall, based on volume of water that is!

 So naturally I thought, what better place could there be to propose?!  That’s right, what a romantic!  Amongst all the natural beauty with the falls and two rainbows in the background I bent down onto one knee and popped the question with just David Livingstone, well his statue, as witness to our magical moment.  For those curious she did say yes!

 What made the whole experience more enjoyable was the fact there was actually adequate places to sit and just take in the surroundings.  Too often have I been to places and you can just never find somewhere to sit down!  Although I would advise bringing some form of waterproof, as due to the large amount of water that gets blown off the falls, certain areas can be rather damp!

Finally, if that hasn’t already sold it, there are plenty of activities around the falls for you adventurous types.  White water rafting, elephant tours, tiger fishing and for those, like my fiancee and I, where a walk just doesn’t cut it, there is a 111m bungee jump to REALLY get the adrenaline pumping!

 We are definitely going to go again, probably for an anniversary and can recommend anyone else to do the same.

 Victoria Falls, a definite MUST see!

By Josh Pattison

Josh Pattison
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