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7th May, 2015 | Article By Ruth

We found a really tasty Arab grill in town! A family-run restaurant at 388, Jalan TAR, between Masjid India and Chow Kit called Restoran Suria.

Actually their menu offers much more than just grill; there is an unusually wide variety of Arab dishes: appetizers, salads, kebabs, shawarma, grills, fish, rice dishes etc.  But I want to  mention the grill as we were amazed at how well it was done and how well it was priced, at 2 times less than the price we would have to pay in any Arab restaurant somewhere in Bukit Bintang. Add to that the generous portions, almost double size and Fresh Fish grilled at 30RM – fantastic!

When we expressed our surprise at how good the quality was at such a low price, we were told by one of their regular customers that the owners use their own farm fresh supplies that allows them to offer the best prices in town. You can easily enjoy a full meal with appetizers/salads, main course, freshly baked bread and drinks at 20 RM.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is casual. The place is frequented by locals working nearby. The interior is not something special to talk about. It is simple and cheap, e.g.  plastic chairs etc. but the taste and freshness of their dishes beats all. Their chef is the master of his craft and we left feeling really satisfied.

I have noted this restaurant as a place to go for excellent Arab dishes to take-away home or for any sort of party.

By Ruth

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