True Taste of Valencia!

21st December, 2015 | Article By Bergamonte

Bergamonte opened its doors nearly 40 years ago, and it’s a place you must visit if you want to taste real Valencian Cuisine! Our specialities are dishes cooked in a firewood oven and on a coal fire. Delicious rices and excellent meats are prepared with all the flavours of ancient recipes.

It is typical to share some starters in the middle of the table, like anchovies, cod fritters, roasted red peppers with tuna, grilled squid with Romesco sauce and other mouth-watering morsels, all with our wonderful toasted bread with allioli, mmm… A pleasure for the senses!

Don’t miss out on a truly authentic Valencian experience, in a traditional Valencian building!

Pick up the phone and give us a call  +34961461612  or visit our website

We are right here waiting for You!

By Bergamonte

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