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20th July, 2016 | Article By Unveil Romania

Village Museum and Wine Tasting Tour.

Ever imagined yourself walking through a medieval village that’s located right in the middle of a city? All our tours are about “Time Travelling”, but this one really nails it!

Discover Bucharest’s Village Museum – a time capsule in the heart of an urban jungle. Once enchanted by the folklore and by the eerie look of the village, you will end the tour in style: tasting traditional Romanian wines, cheese and dry sausages at a local wine bar.

1st stop: The Village Museum – an open-air reconstruction of the traditional Romanian village

“The architecture of a country is, perhaps, the most accurate expression of its history” (M. Cantacuzino). For many Romanians, entering the National Village Museum is like going back to childhood days spent in the countryside. For everyone else, this is the perfect place to discover the authentic Romanian village, with folklore elements and buildings originating from all historical provinces. You can admire steep-roofed peasant homes, thatched barns, log cabins, watermills, churches, oil presses, road crucifixes and much more.

2nd stop: Wine tasting – enjoy traditional Romanian wines, cheese & dry sausages

Romania – the world’s 13th largest wine producer with over 2000 years of viticulture tradition. We believe that knowledge of a region’s food and wine is intrinsic to understanding its culture. Thus, the next stop is at Bucharest’s first wine bar, in a century old manor. The traditional architecture, elegant interior, the wine bottles displayed like books on shelves and the local sommelier create a perfect setting for wine tasting.

Whether you’re a casual wine drinker or a true connoisseur, you’ll enjoy yourself as you discover the distinctive “terroir” of famous Romanian vineyards like Dealu Mare, where the wine is nicknamed “liquid gold”. You’ll be able to taste different types of local wines, traditional cheese and dry sausages.

What’s included

Hotel pick-up/drop-off by car.
Licensed English speaking guide.
Visit the National Village Museum – entrance fees & guided tour
Visit Bucharest’s 1st wine bar – Sommelier presentation & wine tasting
Menu includes: 4 wine glasses, traditional Romanian cheese & dry sausages

Tour price

2 to 4 persons: EUR 37 per person
5 to 6 persons:   EUR 34 per person
7 to 10 persons: EUR 29 per person
More than 10 persons: EUR 24 per person

Book the tour

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