Things To Do In Cape Town

25th September, 2019 | Article By Matt Zarchy

What are the things to do in Cape Town? Where to even begin is the real question.

So I’m going to start with the obvious gems, probably the most iconic landmark in Cape Town, Table Mountain with views that will “blow your mind”. Don’t bother climbing the mountain if you’re not going to bring your camera with you, because that’s an instant remedy for regret.  And if you’re worried about the 4 hour hike, just take the cable car, although you might find it a bit on the pricey side. If Table Mountain doesn’t fix your hiking needs, there is Lions Head, which “Capetonians” love to use for their regular jogs, the view sure doesn’t hurt! Cape Point Lighthouse and Robben Island are probably the most historic places in Cape Town. The lighthouse is actually one of the most visited attractions, located in the southern most corner of Cape Town, its views will leave you thinking and Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was held, will make you reflect on the history of South Africa. The tour of the prison, usually given by ex-prisoners, provides a chilling look at the conditions Nelson Mandela was kept in.

On a lighter note, if long walks and beautiful surroundings are more your cup of tea, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is well worth exploring, it has over 7000 species of vegetation.

We also cannot forget Cape Town’s beautiful beaches. Boulders Beach is a popular family beach, its clear water makes it perfect for parents to watch their kids in, you may even see a few friendly penguins along the beach, they’ll be happily minding their own business, but possibly why the beach is so popular with families. If you are more of a water baby, and want to grab your board, you can catch some waves at Mizneburg beach. This beach is considered a surfer’s beach, unfortunately, it is usually pretty crowded. Two of the most popular beaches in Cape Town are Camps Bay and Clifton, don’t be surprised if you bump into a star or two.

One thing you can’t leave Cape Town without doing is going wine tasting. Not much of a wine head myself, but I can refer you to some of the best wine farms I’ve visited; Groot Constantia, Cape Vineyards, Steenberg Vineyard and Eagles Nest Wine Estate.

Finally, to the “Streets of Cape Town”. Cape Town is known for its culture. So museums and markets are a great way to unwind after a long day wine tasting or hiking. The museums and art galleries provide a great way to get a real feel of the Cape Town heart. There is a massive list of galleries, but let me give you a couple of the most visited: District Six Museum, Iziko Museum Collection and Planetarium – Art lovers will get a taste of heaven!

Nights out in Cape Town can be pretty exciting, with such a mix of people you are guaranteed to meet some very cool individuals. A personal favorite of mine would be Beer House, if you’re a beer lover you may possibly have found your new home. And if you are looking to go clubbing with a touch of class, Coco would be the answer for you – beautiful people and bottles on deck. If you are more into the alternative scene, Waiting Room and Fiction will definitely fill your cup.

What are the Things to do in Cape Town? Well, I hope this article will help you find what you are looking for, in one of the great cities of the world!

By Matt Zarchy

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