Explore Uganda Beyond the Tourist Traps

12th June, 2020 | Article By Beacon of Hope Uganda

While many travel guides have referred to Uganda as the pearl of Africa many of the country’s attractions remain unexplored and undiscovered. There are so many adventures off the beaten track to discover which offer an affordable and ethical way to have the holiday of a lifetime.

Uganda is home to an incredible diversity of cultures, sights and sounds. Uganda is one of the most beautiful tour and safari destinations on earth. One could liken it to the biblical “Garden of Eden” with its lush green vegetation, breathtaking landscapes and amazing array of plant and animal species.

For those seeking an adventure in Uganda, Beacon of Hope Uganda Limited has put in place a comprehensive Uganda volunteer, tours and safaris program with the best wildlife safaris – volunteering opportunities and tours beyond the tourist traps!

By utilizing the services of Beacon of Hope Uganda Limited while visiting Uganda you will be discovering the wild hidden treasure in the “Pearl of Africa” now re-branded by the tourism fraternity as “Gifted by Nature”.

We take you beyond the tourist traps, we take you to some of the fantastic community tourism projects and nature wonders that offer affordable, ethical ways to have the holiday of a lifetime – ones that not only bring you places few people get to see, but that connect you to locals in a natural, enjoyable way, and benefit the most vulnerable communities.

Community tourism is a precious, utopian thing, that brings you on the road less traveled. It can’t survive in cut-throat tourist hot spots where money talks and idealistic community ventures simply get bought out or corrupted.

Beacon of Hope Uganda Limited specializes in organizing inbound and outbound tailor-made budget, mid-range and luxury adventure tours and safaris for backpackers, families, intrepid travelers, mission groups, schools, universities and volunteers.

Our team uses its passion and in depth knowledge of Uganda to create tours and safaris to make the most of your time here. We understand that most people only have one chance to visit, whether it is a short tour to track the mountain gorilla, a mountain climb, a bush safari or a five week expedition between volunteering and touring.

Our friendly knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides, carefully checked itineraries, and top class equipment will ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.  Our tours and travel deals showcase the distinct charms and beauty of Uganda. Our Uganda holiday packages are designed to feature the very best of what Uganda has to offer.

By Beacon of Hope Uganda

Beacon of Hope Uganda

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