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12th September, 2015 | Article By Snap Dragon Guitars

One of the things we all love about travel is the sense of adventure. New sights, sounds and experiences excite us all. For some, leaving the everyday aspects of life behind is part of the thrill, but even the most adventurous traveller can miss certain things when they’re on the road, and this can be especially true for anyone who plays the guitar.

While art and fiction is full of romantic depictions of happy wanderers, travelling the globe with a guitar slung over one shoulder, the reality can be a little different. Most airlines think full sized guitars belong in the cargo hold, which almost always leads to damage. Long distance buses and trains can also prove inhospitable to people who like a guitar to keep them company. Even the hum of a motorcycle, thought by many to be the sound of freedom, can be spoiled by the crash of a guitar, tired of riding pillion.

Of course, things would be very different if you could slip a guitar into a back pack, your carry on luggage, or even a saddle bag. Luckily, Snap Dragon Folding Travel Guitars do all of the above. Built by musicians, with musicians in mind, Snap Dragon Folding Travel Guitars have full sized necks and standard tuning mechanisms, which makes them feel just like a regular instrument. There are no awkward locks or major disassembly required to switch an instrument from performance to storage mode. Simply fold the neck and you’re ready to hit the road.

Snap Dragon Folding Travel Guitars don’t require any special attention to tuning. Just like a regular guitar, you might need to retune the instrument after it’s been in its case. But, if you think that might get in the way of your holiday, we’ve created the Tripper II which, thanks to the amazing Evertune bridge, only needs to be tuned when you change a string. Our good friend and guitar player Joe Miles even played the Tripper II on the Bailey McConnell Crystalise tour, proving once again its a professional instrument as well as a traveller’s friend.

Our most popular model is the Snap Dragon Mini TraXe, a semi-acoustic that never struggles to make its presence known. Light and strong, the instrument’s polycarbonate back is made from the same material as crash helmets and police riot shields. One happy customer travelled over five thousand miles around Europe on a motorbike with a snap Dragon Mini TraXe in his back pack.

While they’re great for people who just like to travel, Snap Dragon Guitars are also popular with business travellers, military personal and oil rig workers. Even our largest instrument is small and light enough to fit within the meanest airline hand luggage limit, which is why musicians on the move across the globe are choosing Snap Dragon Folding Travel Guitars, designed and built in the UK played all over the world.

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