Roar of the Lions

21st July, 2014 | Article By David Murray

Every once in a while, a musical production is brought to the stage without really knowing whether it will be a success or not.  The Lion King on the other hand is proof that it is worth the gamble.  Off the back of the highly successful film version, which was released back in 1994, this theatrical production brings everything to life at The Lyceum (commonly known the Lyceum Ballroom back in the fifties) just off The Strand in Covent Garden.

For anybody that has children and has watched the movie, you will know doubt have hummed, or even sung, your way through the many extremely catchy songs that embellish this fantastic sound track.  The drums beating out from the balconies created a real sense of African atmosphere.  I could literally feel the rumble of the jungle resonating through my body.  The family and I have seen it twice in London and we plan to go again very soon, only this time I will book well in advance.

My two youngest daughters attend a dance and performing arts school at the weekends, so this is right up their street.  When we leave the theatre, we can’t wait until we get into the car, so we can all sing along with the CD.  It really is a must see, especially for the children.

By David Murray

David Murray
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