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12th June, 2018 | Article By Foot Slopes Tours & Safaris

We are a full registered travel company dedicated to giving you a genuinely personalized service that delivers the very best holiday experience in Tanzania. A Destination Management Company headed by professionals having tremendous experience in the organisation of safari programs.

We offer and organize all types of safari programs ranging from: Day tour, Private tour, Join group tour, Student tour, Family tour, Wildlife and game drive tour, Mountain climbing expeditions, Camping & luxury safaris, Hill trekking, Bird watching, Cultural tourism, Walking safaris, Photography tours, Beach holidays, Honeymoon, small and large group tours, camping and executive itineraries. We pay great attention to every detail of our client’s requirements, just to ensure he/she carries pleasant memories of the tour and also our company away with them.

We are focused on the segment of the market looking for comfortable lodges, permanent tented camps or tented camp holidays in the moderate price range. We make hotel bookings and arrange domestic transfers by air, boat and land.

We pride ourselves on the personal service and respect we give, not only to our clients, but also to our fellow domestic and overseas tour operators and travel agents. Regardless of budget, we deliver high quality personal service to all of our customers at reasonable prices.

We are passionate about Africa, and believe that our diverse cultures, landscapes and wildlife are our greatest assets. We endeavor to introduce our clients to the natural wonders and beauty of Africa, as well as, the more obvious tourist attractions.

We can help you create your own Itinerary according to your individual needs and preferences to make your holiday more memorable and perfect.

By Foot Slopes Tours & Safaris

Foot Slopes Tours & Safaris

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