Land of the Thundering Dragon

2nd February, 2017 | Article By Asia Escapades Bhutan

At Asia Escapades Bhutan, our aim is to unlock the majesty of Bhutan in a way that no other agency currently does. Founded as a partnership between young adventurers from the East & West, we believe that in order to fully appreciate the unique beauty and serenity of the Kingdom, you must have a personalized experience that connects you with the people as well as the historical and cultural sites. Asia Escapades Bhutan offers these true Bhutanese experiences by tailoring them to your schedule, interests, and placing a special focus on adapting the itineraries for young energetic travelers. Even if your time in Bhutan is limited, Asia Escapades Bhutan has a number of day trips that can give you a flavor of what our special country has to offer. What differentiates us from other groups is the fact that we bring both an internal and external perspective of Bhutan to the table when helping you design your perfect adventure. We make it our goal to ensure your journey to the Land of the Thundering Dragon leaves you with a new perspective on one of the world’s most unknown but incredible countries.

Asia Escapades Bhutan can accommodate nearly any specific Bhutan experience you are looking for but we specialize in offering:

1.Day Trips to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery
2.Trekking Trips Through the Himalayas
3.Camping & Outdoor Adventures
4.Guided Religious Pilgrimages
5.Cultural Immersion Tours of Bhutan
6.Nightlife & Partying with the Locals

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us directly, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to introducing you to Bhutan soon.

By Asia Escapades Bhutan

Asia Escapades Bhutan

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