Surf Lessons – Fun For The Whole Family!

6th January, 2016 | Article By The Surfing Sumo

Think of surfing and the image that usually springs to mind is tanned, bushy haired, young ‘dudes’ spending their life hanging out at the beach – but surfing is one of those great activities that bridges the generation gap. You’ll often find parents coming along with the kids and giving it a go. It always makes a great atmosphere for all surfers.

Surf lessons are such a unique opportunity to spend quality time with the family on the beach and spend a holiday surfing some of the most beautiful surf spots around the British Isles. With more and more surf schools popping up all over the UK it’s now even easier than ever to experience what the ancient Hawaiians described as ‘the sport of kings’.

With specially trained instructors looking out for your safety, you can devote all of your focus to your surfing. Most Surf Schools are very experienced with teaching and taking care of children (most are also CRB checked) and regularly work with schools to get kids started at an early age.

But don’t worry if it’s not your cup of tea, you can still drop the kids off at a reputable surf school and let the professionals keep them busy while you go and enjoy all the other experiences beach culture has to offer.

By The Surfing Sumo

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