Yangshuo: A Town of Opposites

18th September, 2015 | Article By Tansuo Cultural Travel

Yangshuo is a town of juxtaposition; a stark mingling of complete opposites. On the one hand, you have the towering silence of the Karst Mountains, the quiet gurgling of the Li River, and the misty expanses of numerous rice terraces. Yet on the other hand, there’s the unending parade of street vendors, raucous nightlife of local bars, and inexplicably large expat community. This small rural village on the outskirts of Guilin acts as a sort of gateway into China, providing foreign visitors and residents with the finest natural scenery Guangxi has to offer while still supplying a few of their home comforts.

Hiking, cycling, rock-climbing, and all manner of adventurous activities are all in a day’s work in Yangshuo, but a good cup of coffee and a succulent steak is never too far away. Thanks to an expat community that established itself here as far back as the early 1990s, Yangshuo is undoubtedly the most cosmopolitan countryside town in China and acts as a perfect introduction to the country, easing you into the local customs without too much of the dreaded culture-shock. From the tantalising signature dishes to the plethora of handcrafted items on sale, Yangshuo offers a taste of authentic China while still maintaining a comfort zone for foreign tourists who haven’t gotten to grips with the country’s cultural sensibilities.

Peaceful by day and wild by night, the quiet calm of the surrounding mountains is matched only by the vibrant lights, bustling crowds, and riotous music of the clubs that line West Street at night. Whether you fancy quietly admiring the starry night from a rooftop bar as it cradles the looming shadowy mountains or raving to the beat of the maddest Korean pop music you’ve ever heard, Yangshuo has a little something for everyone.

As a travel agency, we at TanSuo are a pretty eclectic bunch. From the well-worn paths of travellers before us to the unknown nooks and crannies that most dare not tread, we specialise in tours that are off the beaten track and focus not only on the beauty but the historical and cultural importance of sites throughout Asia. If you’d like to read more about Yangshuo, or some of the other obscure travel destinations that can be found throughout China, please visit our website here.

By Tansuo Cultural Travel

Tansuo Cultural Travel

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