Under the Provence Sun

27th January, 2015 | Article By David Murray

On a recent visit to Cassis, I was totally blown away by the amazing light contrasts that seemed to change and enhance the ambiance of this beautiful fishing port, famous for its cliffs or Calanques as they are known in France.

You can hire a small boat for an hour and enjoy cruising around the inlets, getting glimpses of caves eroded by the sea over thousands of years. By the time I set foot back on terra firma, I was ready for a glass of locally produced rosé, together with a huge bowl of Bouillabaisse and half a baguette, the perfect end to a leisurely morning. The waiter in the restaurant recommended that I take a trip along the coastline to Bandol, 30 kilometres from Cassis.

This is a region known for producing probably the best rosé in France. My wife and I were delighted to taste several varieties, one that stood out for us was from CHATEAU DE PIBARNON, producteur de très grande qualité, served chilled of course, simply outstanding.  Less than one hour south of Aix en Provence, this whole area is a must see for anybody who loves the sea, wine and fine cuisine.

By David Murray

David Murray
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