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3rd November, 2015 | Article By PamTravel


I walked into a travel agents in the late 90’s planning to go to Majorca. 2 hours later, walked out with a holiday to Tunisia booked. Three years later I’m sat behind a desk in a high street agency up selling and sideswiping. That’s how it remained for 15 years.

“Sell here, instead of there”
“Don’t use that company”
“Don’t mention the free child places”

One can only take so much. Yes, it is selling, but I like to see customers come in AFTER a holiday and tell me what a good time they’ve had.

This year I took the plunge and became self employed, working from home. No longer restricted to packages and city breaks, I can send you anywhere, anytime, at the right price. I can piece together any airport to any destination and book you on a boat to anywhere. A bit like a jigsaw really. I still do packages and city breaks and get a buzz when customers ring or email back after their holiday.

My aim is to send customers on a holiday that I would enjoy. Have people enjoy their holiday so much they come back and book with me again. I’ve made many friends in my first year and some are now in my mobile as friends first.

Please feel free to call and we can discuss any requirements. Don’t feel wary about calling. There is no compulsion to book at the end of your call. I would obviously like you to, but I want to become your personal travel advisor. Ask me anything, go away and think about it if necessary. I want to create a base of customers who see somewhere on TV or the net and phone me to see if a holiday there can be done.

Tel: +44 (0)1257 698021

Mob: 07494 863520

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