Bulls and Arlesiennes in Provence

1st April, 2019 | Article By Curious Provence

Le Fête des Gardians is the annual festival in Arles celebrating the lifestyle and traditions of the gardians (basically the French version of cowboys that rear bulls for delicious daube provençal). There’s an enormous parade, blessings of the animals, a queen is elected and to top it all off there’s a 4 hour long spectacle at the antique roman arena involving horsemanship games and bull running.

The 1st of May is also the day when you’ll be expected to buy ‘muguets’ or ‘clochettes du porte bonheur’ (lily of the valley) in honour of French labour day.

This is a great people watching event, as the locals take their dressing up quite seriously! I loved wandering the ancient streets of Arles while watching the white horses and impressive skills of the riders. I think Robin preferred checking out the famous Arlésiennes….

By Curious Provence

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