A Hidden Secret of Ulu Niah, Sarawak

3rd May, 2015 | Article By Chang Yi

About 2 hours drive from Miri Resort City is a longhouse built atop a 300 foot hill rising steeply above the Niah River. The longhouse is strategically built in this way to fend off enemies coming by boat.  The arduous climb was once part of the daily routine of men, women and children who depended on the river for their daily needs.

Today, piped water and electricity are supplied by privatized corporations. A new road has been built and runs to the back of the longhouse and the river is no longer used as the main means of transport. Hilux, Japanese cars, Malaysian made, have necessitated a new structure in the longhouse scenery – car ports!

The people continue to be agro-based.

By Chang Yi

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