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18th August, 2015 | Article By Discrover Croatia Experience

Our mission is to offer our clients an opportunity to experience and explore the fascinating Dalmatian coast, green wooded islands, clear Mediterranean waters, and the region’s history and culture, in a safe, healthy, active way. We offer active excursions that celebrate the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage with minimal negative environmental impact.

Our priorities are your safety, comfort and enjoyment. Our tours are accompanied by qualified and experienced staff. We are fully permitted and licensed in the areas we paddle in. Our guides are always in your close proximity. They are well equipped and trained to handle emergency situations. Emergency logistics are always in the background, close-by, if they are ever needed. Before you start paddling, the guides explain safety procedures and provide comprehensive orientation.

We love our region and our work and we hope to share this enthusiasm with you. You will find us friendly, professional and wanting to satisfy your particular needs. We constantly strive to improve and offer you more. If we can be of any assistance for you with travel details, accommodation, etc., please contact us any time.


By Discrover Croatia Experience

Discrover Croatia Experience

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