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22nd January, 2016 | Article By Secret Paradise Maldives

For a long time, the Maldives has been considered a destination out of reach for those on a budget, limited to honeymooners looking for luxury resorts. But now, the natural beauty and experiences of this paradise are being opened up with local island tourism. So whether you’re back packing through South East Asia or are looking for a more authentic Maldives holiday experience, you can discover the true Maldives with Secret Paradise.

The Maldives is pretty much picture-perfect. Blue waters, white sands and over 1200 islands spotted jewel-like throughout the archipelago. However, there’s more to the Maldives than just beaches and ocean. There’s culture, local community, activities and traditions that are deserving of attention and provide ultimate travel experiences for those that aren’t seeking sunny, beach-type holidays. These can all be found on the tours offered by Secret Paradise.  Specialising in cultural and adventurous, private and small group island tours. Secret Paradise offers locally-guided packages, combining guesthouse accommodation with activities that are synonymous with the Maldives, including diving, snorkelling, sunset safaris and relaxing on the beach, with cultural aspects such as meeting locals, having dinner in their home and learning to cook Maldivian style!

Each tour is designed to allow guests to engage with local people and experience the best from this island paradise generally known as a luxury resort destination.

Should you have an interest in local cuisine there is a hands on Cooking & Culture tour based on the island of Fuvahmulah, a unique one-island atoll.

For those looking to balance their down time with the opportunity to experience a range of water sports and activities, the Multi Activity Package on the island of Gan combines the opportunity to try out activities such as surfing, sailing and diving, with cultural immersion.

Three island hopping tours allow exploration of more than just one island. Learn and practice some of the crafts traditional to the Maldives, put your cooking skills to the test in a family kitchen, discover the marine life of the underwater world, or just lay back and relax.

There is also the Backpacker Break designed to either work as a self-contained budget Maldives experience or as a start to an independent stay in the archipelago.  With cheap flights from Asia, India and Sri Lanka, the thriftiest of travellers can now discover the Maldives.

The basis of each tour is to allow guests to learn about the Maldives, its culture, beliefs, and traditions and what better way to do this than to see the country through the eyes of your local tour leader. This focus of engaging tourists, local people and culture was driven by the desire to provide ways to give back to the communities that had previously welcomed the company’s co-founder into their homes and to share their stories, traditions and cultural practices with a wider audience.

A supporter of responsible tourism Secret Paradise were long-listed for the World Responsible Tourism Awards 2015. Quite an achievement for a company who took the initiative to develop and champion a product that had never been offered in the Maldives previously. Mindful of ensuring they promote local tourism in line with Maldivian culture and beliefs, the team also aim to protect the environment and limit where ever possible, any negative impact to local life through education of both guests and locals.

Secret Paradise has been at the forefront of the Maldives local island tourism industry since 2012. Offering expert local knowledge, clear communication and honest advice, the team at Secret Paradise will assist you to find your way between local islands, or to choose between the hundreds of guesthouses on offer.

Isn’t it time you adventured Maldivian style?!

By Secret Paradise Maldives

Secret Paradise Maldives

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