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19th May, 2016 | Article By ADKA Kenya Safaris

Ultimate freedom in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania.  The Kichaka Flycamp throws off the chains of being constrained to one area in an ecosystem the size of “Switzerland”.  With one of Africa’s greatest wildernesses available to us it would be remiss to only focus on 5% of it.  With the lightweight and highly mobile flycamp, we can gain access and get a chance to explore (almost) the other 95%.

Comprised of a converted 4WD military 4 Ton truck, the flycamp is self sufficient for up to a week of safari away from its basecamp.  With state of the art solar systems, refridgeration, electrical supplies, water pumps and mobile kitchen, the flycamp has enough kit to host up to 6 guests at any time pretty much anywhere in the Park which has a road going to it.  Whilst not as luxurious as our basecamp, the flycamp still offers the usual creature comforts along with great food and comfortable tents.

The accommodation comprises of large pup tents equipped with comfortable twin cots, important for those much needed rests between walks, a fully functional bathroom with short drop loo and hot bucket shower.  When the kit is unloaded off the truck, the truck itself becomes the kitchen unit, which can supply 3 course meals as far away as it is possible to get from the closest supply outlet.

The flycamp is always packed, ready and waiting to be dispatched at a moments notice for guests staying longer than 3 nights, and who want to get further afield for some serious bushwhacking and exploration in areas of the Park where very few, if any tourists, have visited before.  Truly the experience of a lifetime.

By ADKA Kenya Safaris

ADKA Kenya Safaris
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