Hotter than the pot!

1st March, 2015 | Article By David Murray

I was one of the first to visit this now famous Indian Restaurant in London’s fashionable borough of Kensington, when it opened its doors back in 1982.  Thirty two years on and it’s still serving delicious, authentic, Bombay influenced food.

This is not your average run of the mill indian food establishment, the kind you get on most every high street in Britain, this is a carefully infused, gastronomic experience of the highest order.  From the moment you arrive, you feel like you have been transported back in time, where the service is spot on and you are made to feel that your custom is most valued.  Nowadays, the spices of India tantalise our taste buds at every turn and our senses have become somewhat dulled to the exotic and more extraordinary dishes, people preferring to stick to their Friday favourite – Chicken Tikka Masala.

Today, at the Bombay Brasserie, chef is serving such delights as pan fried chilean sea bass, on a base of spinach and mushrooms, followed by saffron and pistachio rice pudding, with a rose cream biscuit – tempted to try something different – you should be!

By David Murray

David Murray
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