Family Vacation = Kids Happiness

6th December, 2017 | Article By Planet Wild Safaris

Family holidays are valued highly by children, both in the moment and long afterwards in their memories.

It was the 22nd December 2016, three days before Christmas, when we organized a group trip for three families. My brother and his friends, driven by a desire to spend more time at the end of the year with their children, wanted to escape the pressure of work and discover new cultures, local lifestyles and the wonder of nature, together with their families.

This turned out to be one of the most amazing trips ever organized by us! We knew the kids would never forget such a fantastic experience out in the wild. Kids love cartoons and often talk about wild animals such as Zebra, Lion and Giraffe, referring to them by character names from well-known animated movies.

Six days on Safari, which covered Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and the great Serengeti, amazed the kids because they saw real animals in the real world!

We chose the Lodge that we thought would suit a family group; local traditional dancing, entertainment and all the activities designed for them, such as wearing the Maasai clothes, holding traditional sticks etc., all a spectacular success! They came back with big smiles on their cute faces; each one of them with more than a thousand words ready to tell a story on what they saw.

As a father of one beautiful daughter, I face a lot of things on a day to day basis. My daughter comes home with a bunch of homework daily and yes, I must work overtime sometimes, so am not always there to help her. It is my wife who must make sure the homework is done properly!  Cook, clean and prepare the household for the next day. We work very hard as a family and that’s why a family vacation is so important. To put the daily routine aside for just a little while and allow yourself to kick back and relax. I always reflect on my happiest memories spent with my family when I am facing darker times and definitely recommend to plan a trip with your family, at least once a year, to give you joyful memories too.

Family vacation memories are to be cherished and remembered for as long as you live; so on your vacation, whether you choose camping in the wilderness or a beach hut island holiday, just enjoy it to the fullest!

Planet Wild Safaris family is here in Tanzania just to make sure your stay is unforgettable and the memories are sensational!

Come with your Family – Safari with Us!  We will lead you beyond your expectations.

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