Come to the hills of Lower Carniola

29th March, 2016 | Article By Visit Dolenjska

Destination Dolenjska, Bela krajina and Kočevsko-ribniško – vibrant, green, sparkling, calm, sociable. Openly boastful and mysteriously sophisticated. A landscape of meadows and forests, pretty green rivers, a cradle of picturesque places and sincere, hospitable people.

Placidly sited in south-eastern Slovenia, between the Ljubljana basin and the Sava river, Dolenjska has many surprising faces. The varied relief, numerous streams, karst features and biodiversity create its unforgettable dynamic.

On the slopes of its hills ripen sun-kissed grapes, which, once they are in the wine cellars, grow into a veritable poetry whose verses run inwards. In the bosom of its deep springs bubble restorative and healing thermal waters.

By Visit Dolenjska

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