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8th January, 2018 | Article By Umoja Motherland Tours

Let’s go to Eastern Uganda and have a tour of Uganda’s best coffee plantations. We’ll learn how coffee is grown, processed and how it impacts the local people. Enjoy tasting the wonderful, fresh coffee grown here, without any chemicals.  Our Coffee Experiential Tour is one of the most authentic tours you can ever have, and a fantastic experience for travellers that love local community encounters.

Eastern Uganda is known for growing the best Arabica coffee in East Africa. The coffee is grown by local community farmers using local techniques – all very rewarding and exciting to see!

So while on this tour there is the opportunity of visiting the local gardens and engaging with local farmers – finding out how they grow the coffee, the challenges faced, the diseases that attack the plants and the mechanisms used to prevent these diseases, how much coffee is grown and exported, the coffee preparation procedure and much more.

If you are a coffee addict, wouldn’t you just love to know how the coffee you drink or buy from supermarkets in your home country is grown and produced – where it all starts?

After you have seen the drying and grinding of the coffee, you will visit the homestead of the coffee farmer, as this is where you boil and drink the coffee. Here you will engage with the local people, get to know about their lifestyles and also participate in other activities that may be available.

As much as you may want to go on an African safari for wildlife, there is so much more to see and do, and when you travel with Umoja Motherland Tours we give you more! We have mastered our African roots and the best way to show this, is by sharing them with you.

So if you would like to come on one of our Wildlife and Coffee Experiential tours please email your enquiry to:

We look forward to welcoming you to Uganda.

By Umoja Motherland Tours

Umoja Motherland Tours

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