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3rd November, 2015 | Article By Adria Adventure

Looking for sea kayaking tours or adventure holidays in Croatia?

On this carefully designed tour we take small groups of no more than 14 people at a time. We get off the beaten path and experience Croatia in the way that only local people know. You’ll stay in locally run accommodation, travel with guides who may well have grown up in the area, and sample the best traditional food – making you feel less like a visitor and more like you are visiting a friend.

The routes are pleasantly gentle to begin with. The  first day is like a warm up, a shorter day. We start with instruction, learning how to work with the paddle and the kayak. After the instruction, we paddle to Sunj beach exploring the coast of Lopud. The main activity on the tour is kayaking, which is combined with snorkelling, swimming and island walking. The islands are amazing, each of them has its own unique charm and each day we discover them by kayak – one by one…

Lopud will delight you with its sandy beaches, ancient pathways with stunning views, orange and lemon groves, palm trees, traditional stone architecture and Renaissance churches.

Kolocep is a paradise for kayakers.  You will love its steep impressive cliffs, stunning rock formations, mystic underwater caves and dense pine forests touching the crystal clear Adriatic sea.

Sipan is a wild beauty.  There are two main villages on the island – Sudjuradj, on the southeastern tip of the island, and Sipanska Luka, on the western side, each centred around a bay and connected by a 5km long road passing through fields with vines and olive groves. The island is full of historical monuments – ancient churches and summer mansions built by Dubrovnik aristocracy during times of the greatest prosperity of the Dubrovnik Republic.

This tour combines physical activity with nature, culture and great local food. Explore the amazing Elaphite Islands in a healthy way and discover the Mediterranean as it once was.

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We offer a variety of kayaking tours in the Dubrovnik region of Croatia: Multi day kayaking holidays for adults or families, short break kayaking escapes, multi activity adventure holidays, or day kayaking tours with daily departures from Dubrovnik.

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