Tower Bridge Glass Floor

17th November, 2016 | Article By Lesley Tan

We Viewed It All Sky High!

Well, this was a great day out in London, my husband and I knew roughly what we would be doing BUT the actual day turned out to be something totally different to what we had expected.

It was our friend’s birthday and her husband had pre arranged for us all to meet in South London as a surprise, unfortunately she had already cottoned on to our plan of meeting up. She still did not know what we would be doing though.

We met as arranged and very quickly put our plan into place.

We would meet at Richmond Underground Station and then travel up to Tower Bridge and take a very interesting walk way up high over Tower Bridge’s new WOW factor GLASS FLOOR!

We alighted at Tower Bridge station and walked the short distance to Tower Bridge. The views of London were breathtaking as we walked so we stopped for many ‘photo shoots’ and as our tickets had been previously purchased online, entry was quick and there were guides everywhere to help you out if you needed it.

We got into a lift and it took us to the top walkway of the bridge, fabulous! The view of The Thames was spectacular enough from there, but the walk along was made even better with two stretches of glass windows in the flooring! There were also mirrors above in the ceiling so most people had great fun with various poses in this section and after a short while I also joined in. Far below you could see the traffic crossing the bridge and the river.

There are photos of famous bridges around the world all along the sides of the walk way and interesting bits of information and historical exhibits about the area. You can also go and visit the engine room too if you want.

We had a very enjoyable time and later more mega walking around the Thames side areas of London, a drink in a pub and then a meal. A great day out!

By Lesley Tan

Lesley Tan
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