Thoroughly Modern Miri

20th April, 2016 | Article By Lesley Tan

Miri is truly a great city and it is not too big, so very easy to walk around. Lately there have been a few changes. Land reclaimed from the sea, a new river mouth and new condominiums and shopping centres with loads of new restaurants. There is also Miri Marina in Marina Bay! Recently we have had the opening of the very nice Pullman Hotel.

Miri in Sarawak is situated near to Brunei on the island of Borneo. It is a haven for food lovers! There is just so much choice. You can try Local Malay, Chinese, Indian and Sarawakian food, Western, Japanese, Italian restaurants and a whole lot more. There are also many street stalls which sell delicious local delights which are cooked before your eyes!

You can do some jungle trekking and visit some of the oldest cave systems in the world, Mulu or Batu Niah. If you time your visit to Mulu properly you can witness the spectacle of seemingly thousands of bats streaming out of the caves. Or, you can visit the Miri Petroleum Museum, the Grand Old Lady (Oil Platform – the first oil well to drill here in Miri), or have a great time browsing for super bargains in some of the many shopping malls. How about a visit to Miri Crocodile Farm and see many different species of local wildlife, as well as watch the crocodiles being fed? Well, the list is endless, we have Country and Jazz Festivals, we celebrate Chinese New Year, Gawaii (Harvest Festival), Deepavali (Festival of Lights), Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Muslim Celebration) and much more! We have a newly created Piasau Nature Reserve (previously Piasau Camp)  in which Hornbills of Sarawak can be sighted, many parks and the protected Sarawak Rainforest National Park. The sunsets in Miri are also out of this world!

If you are planning a trip to Asia, please do not forget about Miri in Sarawak.

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Photos by Lesley Tan, Jeff Fotografia and Danny Geofry

By Lesley Tan

Lesley Tan
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