St. Augustine 450th Anniversary!

21st September, 2015 | Article By Florida Fun Shuttle

The Nation’s Oldest City – Tours from Orlando!

A little over two hours from Orlando is an American treasure and a Bucket List location, St. Augustine. A full fifty five years before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, and a generation before Jamestown, Pedro Menedez De Alvarez landed here. This is the place where Christianity first took root in the new world, in fact the landing site is still a Mission.  Since that day, and some changing of flags, including 20 years of British rule, this is now a wonderful, historic city to explore. The British left their mark all over town, as they went to immediate work modifying Spanish buildings. When I take group tours here I love to share all my knowledge and help them plan their day.  I specialize in private group tours of 6 to 16, driving up from the Orlando area.

The greatest thing about St. Augustine is that it is layered like an onion, so there really is something for everyone. They even opened a Distillery that offers tastings and there is a winery as well.

This year is the 450th anniversary of continuous European occupation, there are celebrations and some special events taking place, so it is a great year to plan your visit!

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