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22nd May, 2015 | Article By Exit Factor

Ever been locked in a room where you really need to use your creativity, imagination, logic and of course craziness in order to escape? This is your chance to live a completely unique experience in Cyprus, Limassol. It is called Exit-Factor and it is absolutely highly recommended!

Lots of objects, codes, hidden hints and of course your team! All you need to do is think outside the box, to solve the quest and escape the room. Choose your team, think together, work together and most importantly laugh together!

Ideal for Friends, Partners and Families

2-6 brains, a locked room, and 60 minutes; use them wisely! Exit Factor is a fresh, brain pulse raiser, ideal for those who wish to challenge their adrenaline. Going to the movies is so last decade!

Perfect for Teambuilding

Exit Factor takes team building to a whole new level. Are you looking for 60 minutes of instant team building? Full of creative and problem solving challenges, this game is a fresh and fun choice for corporate entertainment.

Gamers & Geekz

While at school you need to be focused. Away from school you need to feel happy and excited. Here you will experience everything!

Students & Classes

So you are expert in solving puzzles and cracking codes? Are you a pro at online escape games? Come and test your skills offline! Exit Factor will definitely challenge you.

At Exit Factor, there are two different game rooms: The Voodoo Room and The Warehouse of James Craft.

Some Teasers for the Rooms:

The Voodoo Room

A rather cursed room, which no one can bare for more than 60 minutes. Players have to solve the quest, find the hidden potion and escape the room before the curse stamps them out.

The Warehouse of James Craft

The famous archeologist James Craft has recently disappeared and during his last adventure, he found some unique artifacts of great value on the island of Cyprus and hid them somewhere inside his warehouse. You are hired by a rich antiquities collector to steal them. The room is secured. You need to find the artifacts and get out of the room before the police arrive. Act fast!

Because as an ancient Greek philosopher said: “You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation!”

Cyprus ,Limassol, 7 Ellados street (next to castle area)

25 34 43 55

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