Pikes and Plunder

20th April, 2016 | Article By Newark TIC

How much do you know about the English Civil War? It was Britain’s deadliest conflict and one which shaped our modern world. But why did brother take up arms against brother and how did a once all-powerful monarch lose his head to the axeman? Find the answers to these and many other questions at the National Civil War Centre in Newark Upon Trent, Nottinghamshire. Discover how the people of Newark survived three sieges by dodging cannon fire, hammering flat family silver to make coins, only for plague to ravage the town. Put yourself on the front line, feel the weight of armour and weapons and aim to destroy the Governor’s House as a Parliamentarian gunner.

That epic clash between King and Parliament reached its climax here in Newark and this May the National Civil War Centre will be playing host to some thrilling events, taking you right back in time to 1646 to mark the 370th anniversary of the dramatic fall of the town. Cut off by 16,000 angry troops, food running low and with just a handful of defenders to protect the population, this is the amazing story of Newark during the British Civil Wars!

Over the Bank Holiday weekend on 1st & 2nd May, 125 re-enactors from across the UK will garrison Newark Castle, Friary Gardens and the National Civil War Centre, firing cannons and parading to recall that tumultuous time.  Highlights will include a massed musket salvo and soldiers’ drill for children.

The capitulation of Newark on 8 May 1646 on the orders of the ill-fated King Charles I brought to a close the first phase of the brutal conflict between Crown and Parliament. To mark the actual date of the surrender on the 8th May 2016, Royalist troops will return to the Castle with a day-long event. Royalist troops from the castle will parade in the Market Place with an inspection by the Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, Sir John Peace, and the Mayor, Bob Crowe. The final acts of a terrible six month siege will be played out as the army of Parliament moves in to take control with a ceremony in the cobbled Market Place.

Trip back in time with us to experience Newark’s incredible history!

For full details on these and other events see http://www.nationalcivilwarcentre.com

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