Nepal Teahouse Trekking Checklist

17th August, 2017 | Article By Sisne Rover Trekking


We know how difficult it is to pack your bags for a trekking adventure in a different country where you have never been before. Here we have a list of things that you can bring on your teahouse trek in Nepal. Sisne Rover Trekking has been successfully customizing trips to Nepal since 1991. We have identified a few of the important things that you shouldn’t miss while you trek on the hills of Nepal. We provide complimentary items to our clients to make their trip go as smooth and comfortable as possible.


Sleeping Bag – For extra warmth, Sisne provides sleeping bags to its clients (to be returned at end of trek). However, you can use your own sleeping bags if you want to. You can buy them in local shops in Thamel, Kathmandu or Lakeside, Pokhara.

Trekking/Hiking Poles – In order to lessen the impact on your joints, Sisne provides trekking poles to its guests free of charge. Again, these need to be returned at the end of the trek in the same condition. Many hikers in Nepal use them to reduce strain on big ascents and descents.

Medical Kit– Medical kit is carried by our porter or guide for emergency. However, you can always bring a small personalized first aid kit along with your personal medications.


Backpack – The size of the backpack depends on whether or not you have porters. A simple light backpack is all you need on a teahouse trek. For the porter’s sake, all trekkers keep the weight of their luggage under 15 kg/33 pounds. Pack covers can be useful if it rains on the route.

Shoes or Hiking Boots – Make sure they’re lightweight and break them in beforehand. After a long day, you can free your feet with camp shoes or a pair of slippers.

Clothing – Lightweight trekking pants, trekking shorts, t-shirts, underwear, small towel, warm hat, sun hat, pair of gloves, wool socks (bring a few pairs of varying thickness), rain jacket, down jacket (thickness depends on the month of your trek) and other items according to your needs. Don’t over pack on clothing, if you miss something, you can easily buy these in local shops before your trek.

Map and Guidebook – Good maps can easily be purchased in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Trails are easy to follow when you have a professional guide. Lonely Planet guidebooks can also be very useful. We are proud to state that Sisne is a trekking company highly recommended by Lonely Planet!


Sun Protection – SPF Sunscreen, Baseball cap, Sunglasses (polarized recommended), lip balm are an absolute must. The sun is strong at all elevations.

Headlamp – A small headlamp with extra batteries will be very useful especially for late night bathroom visits during the trek.

Water Purifier & Water Bottles – Water purifier, SteriPen, purifying tablets are very important items to bring on your trek in order to stay healthy and fit. These can be used as backups and you’ll also save money on water. However, you can get mineral water bottles on the trail and from the tea houses. Water bottles can be up to two litre total capacity. There are plenty of water sources on the trail.

Electronic Devices – Cell phone, camera with extra batteries, selfie stick, cords & adapters, chargers, power bank, extra batteries. Wifi is more commonly available at teahouses these days.

Reading Materials & Games – Make sure to bring lightweight entertainment like playing cards, crossword puzzles, chess board, books and journals.


Wristwatch – In Nepal, hiking distances are measured in hours, so it’s always useful to track your time.

Personal Toiletries – Don’t forget things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, soaps, shampoos, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, deodorant, personal medications, and any other small toiletries you’ll need.

Toilet Paper – Most bathrooms in teahouses won’t provide any, so you’ll want to bring your own. You can buy it at any teahouse along the way too.


Snacks – You’ll be able to buy snacks at every teahouse so don’t overdo it on snacks. You can just have a few of your favourites in your bag to make it lightweight.

Cash & Credit Card – Tea houses in Nepal don’t take cards and there is no ATM machine on the trail so, you must take cash with you for your extra luxury items on the trail that are not included in your itinerary like chocolate bars, souvenirs, drinks or hot shower water (not applicable for full board packages).

Also, extra passport photos and photocopies of your passport and ID card can be handy when necessary.

*This is an approximate list to be used as a guideline, of what we think are some of the essentials, you can always amend and add to it as per your individual requirements. Please contact us if you have any queries or questions.

By Sisne Rover Trekking

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