National Treasure

21st July, 2014 | Article By Frances Murray

Anyone visiting London should take advantage of the fabulous selection of Museums and Art Galleries available for a free afternoon’s entertainment.  The National Gallery is an imposing building with a huge columned entrance, overlooking Trafalgar Square.

It is obviously a very busy part of town, generally jam-packed with tourists and always something going on in the Square.  However, I tend to forget the crowds around me and focus on the amazing works of art.  Before long you are wandering through the landscapes of Constable, riding the seas with Turner, stroking the lilly pads that Monet has delicately painted and absorbed by the brushstrokes of Van Gogh.

I also had fun with the children creating our own floral displays during a workshop being held at the time.  The organisers encouraged the grown ups to get involved  and I actually felt quite chuffed when one of them complimented my attempt at a masterpiece.

By Frances Murray

Frances Murray
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