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21st September, 2015 | Article By Veevegen Travel

Mauritius is not only about swimming in the magnificent lagoons, it is also about venturing into the southern part where the wild sea is waiting for you. Places like Natural Bridge or God’s Bridge, Le Souffleur, Gris-Gris and Le Maconder.

Rochester Falls is the brilliant work of mother nature, where the lava rock has been cooled by the tumbling river water and formed big rectangular upright blocks. This place is nice for a swim in the very cool fresh water and popular with youngsters who like to perform dare-devil dives!

We like to say that the South of Mauritius is still the untouched part, a wild and rugged place waiting to be explored!

Pic 1   Le Souffleur
Pic 2   Natural Bridge
Pic 3   Rochester Falls
Pic 4   Le Gris Gris
Pic 5   Le Macondé

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