Mainau – German Flower Island

29th September, 2015 | Article By My Luxurious Vacations Blog

Mainau is a flower island located in Lake Constance (Bodensee) near the city of Konstanz, Germany. It is a well known tourist attraction in Lake Constance. On the island there is a castle and the beautiful parks and gardens which it is famous for: trees, gorgeous blossoms, seasonal flowers, a palm house and butterfly house.

The island is very well maintained and tourists can enjoy a floral paradise. You will need to take a few hours to really appreciate the island’s parks and gardens, you can walk all around and it is a really delightful place to visit, especially in spring and summer.

There are several spots around Lake Constance from where you can depart to Mainau Island. We started our trip to Mainau in Meersburg, from where we went by boat; it is a twenty minute ride across the lake.

Adult entry ticket for Mainau Island costs 18 EUR (app. 21 USD). In Meersburg we bought combined tickets which included the return boat ticket and entry ticket for Mainau Island, price was 28 EUR (app. 33 USD).

We really enjoyed walking around Mainau Island full of beautiful flower creations. We visited Mainau in the summer so the temperature was very pleasant. If you intend to visit, particularly to photograph the wonderful gardens, we recommend checking the weather forecast before you go, a sunny day will really enhance the colours and make all the difference to the pictures you take away with you.

By My Luxurious Vacations Blog

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