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3rd July, 2015 | Article By Mahinestan Raheb Hotel

Mahinestan Raheb Traditional Hotel located in Kashan, Iran with its exquisite artwork and architecture, irreplaceable Persian nights, also with its sincerity and hospitality is offering you your dream holiday. Our traditional two-storey hotel, in the city centre, is less than 1 km away from the historic sites such as Bazaar and historic houses, 5 km away from 7000-year-old Sialk Hills, and 9 km from Fin Garden; the location of the hotel is at a distance where you can easily reach all the many historical and beautiful attractions of Kashan.

Our hotel is designed according to your taste and all details are considered in order to serve you a peaceful and pleasant Persian holiday: comfortable rooms, tasteful cuisine, a traditional restaurant, and a coffee shop; the nearby Bazaar where you can meet all your needs.

Furthermore, Kashan is surrounded by the 1500-year-old exotic underground city at Nushabad (13 km), the capital of rosewater Qamsar (33 km), Niasar waterfalls (35 km), and the beauty of Maranjab Desert (60 km).

By Mahinestan Raheb Hotel

Mahinestan Raheb Hotel

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