Flock of Flamingos

26th January, 2016 | Article By Provence Confidential

The largest European nesting grounds of migrating pink flamingos is located in the heart of the Camargue region of Provence. Just south of the city of Arles lies the Rhone River Delta where the Rhone River, which flows from Switzerland through France, meets the Mediterranean Sea.

Egrets, herons and storks can also be spotted in the Camargue and one of the best places to see them is at the Pont du Gau. You can wander through the park at your own pace, following the clearly marked nature trails over wooden boardwalks to reach the observatories overlooking the marshes. The park is perfectly designed so that visitors can gently approach the birds and view them from the observation decks.

The ornithological park at the Pont du Gau, which is open year round, is the perfect destination for a family expedition.  Picnic tables abound for a family lunch while birds fly overhead and land in the nearby ponds.

By Provence Confidential

Provence Confidential

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