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26th January, 2019 | Article By Pego Ferreiro

An off grid and eco organic smallholding in the Serra de Sao Mamede, Portugal. The Mill at Pego Ferreiro sits in a valley of the Rio Sever close to the Spanish border in mid Portugal and covers 25 acres. With a kilometre of river bank the site dates back centuries if not millennia. The Moors were here as were the Romans. Thanks partly to the poverty that has prevailed for some time, there has been little change over the years and evidence of its history can be seen scattered around. For example there is a wine press cut into the stone right outside the front door, dating back to Roman times. We know that’s the case because we see it every time we go in and out.

As well as the mill there are several other buildings on the land including another mill with two dwellings (still ruins) and an old goat milking parlour half way up a hill. We have also added two other dwellings for you to take a breather from the hectic world out there.

We have kept the place completely off grid. No mains power, no mains water and we deal with our own waste. We work organically and with a respect of the land, landscape and it’s history.

We bought the place in 2005 just before that big dark cloud fell over Europe. To help punch a hole of hope into this mess we have three slightly different types of accommodation for you to regain a sense of balance (you’ll need it on the paths). We have tarted up the Goat House, built a glampy kind of lodge overlooking the river and a wooden hide for wild boar watching.  Each venue is completely private (you could spend a week here without seeing us or any other guests) and allows space for reflection, deep thought and free beer (actually we charge for the beer).

This May we welcome our first Bitcoin guests. The only glamping site that accepts bitcoin. Take a wander through the site www.pegoferreiro.com/

By Pego Ferreiro

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