Family kayaking week

22nd March, 2017 | Article By Discrover Croatia Experience

We all know how worthwhile it is to spend your free time with your family and even better to spend it in an active way. So why not enjoy a holiday filled with fun family activities, surrounded by turquoise sea and the stunning nature of Croatia, with the sun and salt mixed on your skin?

Kayaking is the main activity on this trip, but there are many more activities like cycling, walking, banana boat rides, snorkelling in caves and sightseeing too. Lopud is one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia with sandy beaches and warm sea. It is a car free island where your children can be safe and play on the beach while you relax and enjoy sunbathing.

This is a short overview of our family kayaking trip. Full of relaxing moments, activities good for your body and wellbeing, and of course, fun for your youngest family members.

Join us in this adventure which will keep the whole family happy and will stay in your mind and soul forever. Give yourself and your children moments to talk about your whole life.

Let us help you make your next family holiday the best ever!

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By Discrover Croatia Experience

Discrover Croatia Experience

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