Dream Mountains Fuqing, Fujian

30th September, 2015 | Article By Chang Yi

The Shizhu Mountains of Fuqing are also known as China’s Dream Mountains. Shi means rock and zhu means bamboo. The rock and bamboo make these mountains a very important scenic spot in China, well loved by local tourists and visitors from overseas, especially Taiwan.

The peak can be reached by cable car, or by a mountain trek. Pilgrims, grateful believers, climb up the peak to pay homage to the immortals and saints who have granted their wishes.

It is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist spots of Fujian Province.

Fuqing also has some of the most beautiful hotels in China including the Surefar Enjoy Hotel, Ruixin Hotel and the Kasdun Boutique Hotel which serve up banquet dishes at very reasonable prices.

By Chang Yi

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