Charm of the “Belle Époque”

14th March, 2016 | Article By Unveil Romania

Imagine yourself in the late 19th century, in a romantic era of peace and prosperity called the “Belle Époque”. Bucharest was a city where the West met the East, instantly charming travelers with its multicultural diversity, Boehme lifestyle and gorgeous architecture. Back then, the flourishing city was experiencing the greatest cultural boom of its history and it was known as the Paris of the East.

The tour is structured as a story, taking you along the famous Victory Boulevard and through the fully restored Old City. Each major attraction has its own tale to tell, allowing you to go back in time and discover the social and cultural life of the era. You’ll see beautiful palaces and historical buildings, displaying a mix of styles: Neoclassic, Art-Nouveau, Baroque or Byzantine.

The Old City is an area bursting with life that truly resembles the charm of the Belle Époque: old street lamps, vintage cafés, bistros and lounges nestled within 18th century houses, or street musicians playing the violin.

Take the Belle Époque tour for a journey back in time…In a time of Tango and Charleston dances, balls permits, jockey clubs, fringed dresses and secret love letters!

Tour overview

Duration: 3.5 hours. Refreshment/coffee stops can be requested.

Transport: Hotel pick-up/drop-off by car.

Walking distance: 3.5 km, slow-paced.

Language: professional English guide.

Unique tour concept & structure: Sightseeing tour designed around a story.

Interactive Activities: Deeper understanding of the Belle Époque era: photos & authentic postcards, coins etc

Tour price

2 to 4 persons: EUR 30 per person

5 to 6 persons:  EUR 25 per person

7 to 10 persons: EUR 20 per person

*for a larger group, please contact us

Book the tour

The charm of the “Belle Époque” is more than a tour. It’s a feast for the eyes and a joy for the soul. Go back in a time of romance, Boehme lifestyle and marvellous architecture!

For more details on the tour and booking, please visit our website: Bucharest Tours.

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