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22nd February, 2019 | Article By Happy World Safaris

Happy World Safaris – Budget Camping in Tanzania.

When we first entered into the safari industry it was our aim to provide the best quality service at a reasonable price and during that time the best option we could offer was budgeted camping safaris. As a team, we spent a lot of time thinking of how best we could convey the thought behind Happy World Safaris and we came up with a strategy “No Fences, More Fun and Adventure”.

A Tanzania Budgeted Camping Safari, as it’s commonly known, is a type of safari where you stay/sleep in public campsites; travelling together with the camping gear (Dome Tents, Sleeping Bags, Mattresses, Chairs, Table, Pillows, Cots etc)  from one place to another; having a cook with you, preparing daily meals. Since we started doing this, based on our safety concerns, it has been 100% safe.

No Fence: All the public campsites are located inside the National Parks and have no fences, thus wild animals are free to visit there any time of the day/night. They can come looking for garbage, resting places, grazing, ambushing points and during the dry season they come looking for water especially in the washrooms! The good thing is the public Kitchen and Dining Areas are covered with wire mash on the windows that don’t allow animals to jump/come through.

More Fun: Camping Safaris like this offer lots of fun at an affordable price and can make for a remarkable experience. The evening starts with the pitching of tents and other gear with the help of your driver-guide and cook. Staying in the wilderness with no fences, especially for the first time, is something scary but fun. Sleeping at night hearing sounds of wild animals and when you look out of your tent seeing millions of stars twinkling in the sky is something awesome. Having dinner and elephants coming to join you at close quarters… unforgettable… there is so much to experience!

More Adventure: On to the safari, you shall do unlimited game drives either early, half day or full day and spot as much wildlife as is possible. Budget Camping Safaris are highly recommended for Adventure Travellers and Adventure Seekers.

Testimonies: Many clients who have experienced our Budgeted Camping Safari have written to us saying it is something that they will never forget. Having dinner with elephants, watching hyenas moving around their tent, lionesses drinking water from the washroom, a male lion sleeping close to their tent, the list goes on….. stars twinkling at night, bird sounds in the early morning, the quietness of the wilderness, the food prepared, a cold shower!  Just some of the things that will stay in their memories forever….

Happy World Safaris are here to provide you the best of Tanzania on a fantastic Budgeted Camping Safari. It’s the most affordable safari package, 100% safe and full of adventure.


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