Bucharest Tour: The Ashes of Communism

17th February, 2016 | Article By Unveil Romania

Bucharest – a city once called the Little Paris, a city that could have been much more than that.

You will easily see this for yourself during a tour marked by emotional visual contrasts, with 2 areas perfectly depicting the opposition of 2 eras: the massive communist civic center, an empty shell admired mostly by foreign tourists and the beautifully restored Old City with its Belle Époque perfume.

Walking around the Old City, you’ll be charmed by the gorgeous architecture of old palaces, by byzantine churches, bohemian cafes and 19th century houses. However, all of these historical treasures had to be rebuilt or restored. Why?  To hide the marks of bullets, to hide scars that have not yet healed, even though almost 3 decades have passed since the fall of the regime and the bloody revolution.

The tour is more than a visual experience – it’s a story that takes you through 45 years of communism, allowing you to see beyond Bucharest’s colourful present: Stalin and his monstrous enslavement, the genocide of KGB’s Secret Police, the Siberian deportation of farmers who refused to “donate” their lands to the state, the eradication of culture, private property and free press etc. To top it off, we’ll bring along old photos: see how the streets used to look, how people dressed-up, worked and lived.

Behind Stalin’s Iron Curtain – There was no good or evil, no black and white, not even grey, just red!

Tour overview:

Duration: 3.5 hours. Refreshment/coffee stops can be requested.

Transport: Hotel pick-up/drop-off by car.

Walking distance: 4 km, slow-paced.

Language: professional English guide.

Unique tour concept & structure: Sightseeing tour designed around a story.

Interactive Activities: Deeper understanding of the communist era: photos and authentic postcards, coins, military badges etc.

Tour price

2 to 4 persons: EUR 30 per person

5 to 6 persons:  EUR 25 per person

7 to 10 persons: EUR 20 per person

*for a larger group, please contact us

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The Ashes of Communism – a journey of visual contrasts. A story that reveals unhealed scars. Go back in time and look behind the Iron Curtain!

For more details on the tour and booking, please visit our website: Romania Tours.

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