5* Treatment Cape Sounio Resort

1st December, 2015 | Article By Marie Bonnot

Cape Sounio Resort is a beautiful and luxurious hotel where you can have memorable vacations.

It is a hotel where the rooms are little cabins which are spread all around the resort.  There is a main pool with a restaurant but there are also many little small pools in the spa area where there is rarely anyone, nice when you want calm to read a book or maybe even sleep.

There is the private beach which is a minutes walk from the main pool.  There are also many activities that can take place, a gym, and classes like yoga, which I personally took part in with a friend, which was great as it made us discover something new.

One of the most memorable parts of my stay was the food.  There is a never-ending buffet that makes you discover some of the traditional greek food which was very good.  The dessert buffet had lots of different cakes and fresh fruits which was perfect with the very hot weather.

The personnel were very nice, helpful and polite, all making  you feel extremely welcome and comfortable.

By Marie Bonnot

Marie Bonnot
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