5 Amazing Travel Spots Around the World

14th September, 2016 | Article By Wander With Jo

Every traveler is looking for a new and unique experience every time they travel. The world is full of amazing destinations, and there are plenty of spots to pick from to holiday in.  Travel experts are always looking for classic vacation spots that can range from islands, beaches, cities and towns, which are like ‘under-the-radar’ gems waiting to be explored and discovered.

However, there are very few that promise exciting and exotic experiences every time one makes a visit. Here are some of the most amazing travel spots to explore:

  1. Andaman Islands, India
    Explore this unspoiled stretch with beautiful views and glorious sun over white sands. The Andaman Islands with lovely opaque emerald waters are the ideal place to get away. Those snow-white beaches simply melt under flame-and-purple sunsets. It is an ethereal experience to enjoy the clear blue waters surrounded by primeval jungle and mangrove forests. There is a lot to do and explore here at the archipelago which comprises some 300 islands.
  2. Ghent, Belgium
    Ghent is the perfect destination for food lovers, and you are sure to love the city unanimously and for good reasons. Considered among the greatest discoveries of Europe, the small city is big enough to stay vibrant and full of life. You will love its fabulous canal-side architecture and medieval frivolity. Explore some of its fascinating museums and its wealth of quirky bars. This is a city you will love to return to again and again.
  3. Aarhus, Denmark
    Aarhus is one of the liveliest cities on the planet. Modern, diverse and fun, the city is stepping out of Copenhagen’s shadow. You will love those Michelin-starred restaurants and cozy art galleries. The area around Aarhus boasts of major attractions and beaches, harbors and forests are just minutes away. Jelling Rune Stones is a must-see site and get ready for a broad spectrum of cultural experiences in the city that offers cultural events, nightlife and some of the best restaurants in the region.
  4. Richmond, Virginia
    Richmond, Virginia is often overlooked but worthy of another glance. The bike-friendly town is emerging as a spot for burgeoning art and food scene. Boasting of a standout architecture, the Richmond region has a rich history attached. With its beer revolution, fashion revolution, arts revolution and a food revolution, you will come across some of the best restaurants in the country and over 18 craft breweries!
  5. Cuba, Havana
    Take advantage of those uplifted restrictions for Americans and cruises that dock in Havana. Despite decades of withering neglect, the city is too beautiful to ignore. It is the survivalist spirit and swashbuckling history of the town that keeps it popular among travelers. That indefatigable salsa energy is going to sweep you off your feet. Just close your eyes and imagine you are there. Feel the waves rolling in from the sea against the harmonizing sounds of guitars and voices. Do not forget to visit the National Museum of Fine Arts and the baroque Great Theatre of Havana.

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