Top 5 Ways you can Travel for Free

17th August, 2016 | Article By Wander With Jo

If you have always believed that travel cannot be done for free, then think again.  You are just on the right page where you will learn how you can travel even when you are down to your last dollar. The reality is that there is always money for travel, only if we knew how to look and where. You certainly do not need to be rich to travel. Moreover, if traveling is your priority, you will travel, money or not.

  1. Free Flights
    Get free flights and you will be surprised to learn about the many ways you can arrange for free or dirt cheap flights to go to your favorite destinations. All you need to do is sign up for both an airline card and a general rewards card to get those point balances faster. Generally, the credit card signups are the best way to increase your mileage balance. However, you can collect miles by watching out for the right deals, shopping at member stores and put everything on your card.
  2. Free Lodging
    One of the best ways to find comfortable and luxurious lodging for free is housesitting. There are tons of travelers who make use of this options for free stay wherever they want to go. There are expats in every country who leave their home for some time, and would prefer someone to housesit their place. Explore countless housesitting opportunities across Europe, Mexico, Thailand and other exotic locations.
  3. Free Meals
    One of the best ways to lower your travel costs is to cook your own meals. Most guesthouses and hostels have a kitchen. It is a good idea to carry your own containers and make sandwiches and salads. There is no need to eat out every meal just because you are traveling. Moreover, cooking your meals in new locations can be an exciting new experience.
  4. Free Transportation
    Well, walking is the only free transportation, as well as a favorite form of transportation. You are free to walk anywhere and can explore the city and discover nature around you. Make a closer connection with the locals as you walk and you get loads of exercise and some great opportunities to click amazing photos. You can also rent a bicycle for free or very low rent and visit remote areas.
  5. Free Money
    If you feel your funds dipping to a low level, you could take advantage of the incredible world of work trade. There are thousands of establishments who look for travelers and volunteer on their farms, organizations, and retreats in exchange for free room and board. Thus, this is an excellent way to extend your trip even when you have no money. Contact hosts online and ask if they are looking for work traders. Organize work trade in advance to enjoy your vacation with a free mind.

Now you can be sure of enjoying a vacation even when you are flat broke and explore many more possibilities. So, next time, think before you say that you do not have enough money to travel. For more guidance, browse through this amazing book, “A Student’s Guide to Traveling without Spending Money” that shares excellent information on how to travel for free, especially for students. This is a great source that provides amazing tips that you have never come across before! Lay hands on this amazing eBook with suggestions and instructions on what scholarships, volunteer programs, internships and conferences to apply for. You get to learn about success stories and there is advice on how to complete an application form and write a CV.

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