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18th July, 2014 | Article By Henry Murray

Having heard rumours about this Skate Park located in Saffron Walden Essex, near the Lord Butler Leisure Centre, I thought I would go and see what all the fuss was about.  Knowing it is the first American-built skate park in the UK, I assumed it would be something a bit out of the ordinary, and it was.

The skate park is ideal for both skateboarders and BMX riders alike, however it is probably more suited to intermediate level skaters rather than absolute beginners, even though there are a few gradual ramps.

The park consists of three bowls all aligned which are easily transferable for an advanced rider.  Most parts of the bowls are vert however there are appropriate drop-in and fly-out sections to easily enter and exit each bowl.  Down the left-hand side of the park, there is a reasonable rhythm section with a nice grind rail which is perfect for BMX pegs.  The other side is more wide-spread with a pump-double followed by a stair set with box grinds.  These are just a few of my favourite features of the park; there is also plenty of free space to practice flat-land tricks and stand-alone boxes which are great for learning to grind.

Overall, this park is really fluid and easy to get some big air, although it is made entirely from concrete, so I would definitely recommend bringing your pads to protect against those major wipeouts and spin-outs.

By Henry Murray

Henry Murray
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