I Spy The Eastern Eye

5th April, 2015 | Article By Henry Murray

Following a relaxing stroll around the historic city of Bath my partner and I decided to get a bite to eat at an Indian Restaurant called ‘The Eastern Eye’.   The name is well suited as it portrays India as if you were looking through the eye of someone actually there. Although the outside was nothing too extravagant, the main dining hall was very traditional, one large room crammed full of people (in a good way) and we were very lucky to find a table having not reserved in advance.

After sitting down we were made tantalisingly hungry by the smells exuding from each dish that passed us by. The main meal came and as you usually do at a curry house, we both ate way too much. However our guilt was tempered by the fact the food was very tasty.

Overall for me, the best element of this restaurant was the atmosphere, just how I like it and a perfect finish to the day.

By Henry Murray

Henry Murray
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