Field trip to Ynyslas

10th September, 2014 | Article By Ellie Murray

I visited Ynyslas National Nature Reserve in Borth, Wales to study sand dune succession and plant species diversity as part of my geography field study I was carrying out. When I arrived, I walked up to the visitor centre where I received a talk from one of the very helpful staff about the nature reserve and the importance of its existence to the surrounding area.

By that time it was mid-day and I headed out to the dunes, the sun blazing hot. The dunes were a site to behold, stretching along the coast line for what seemed like miles, with an abundance of plant species such as marram grass, rose willow herb, evening primrose and hawkbit sea spurge. The beach was equally long and beautiful, which you can walk along with your dogs but unfortunately, you cannot swim in the sea due to safety reasons.

After I had completed my necessary research on the dunes I got back on the coach and headed back to my accommodation, Aberystwyth University, where I had been staying in the student halls and eating at the uni’s cafeteria (which had some rather strange options for main course meals but overall it was adequate). In the end, I had an amazing few days in Wales, with a couple of souvenirs to take away with me: sun burn on my face and sand in my shoes!

By Ellie Murray

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