Fabulous Forties in Lincolnshire

13th April, 2015 | Article By Lesley Tan

Woodhall Spa 40’s Weekend! Every year I will plan a trip back home to Geordieland (I live in Malaysia), and I make it a point to either visit my good old mates, John and Jean, from Malaysia or meet them somewhere. They always plan great outings for me (and my husband, if he is with me) and one of the many was a visit to Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire. Not only is it a very interesting and picturesque town, it also hosts an annual ‘Forties Weekend’.

We arrived in good time and John told us it was sensible to park (walking distance) out of town, which we did. Once we were safely parked we started a nice amble down into the main part of the town’s festivities. I think it is safe to say, there was not a place we passed which had not taken on the theme of the ‘forties’. It was marvellous, cars from the forties were parked in a large area and snacks from those days were for sale all along the roadsides. Policemen, indeed, all of the forces were dressed according to the period, especially felt was the presence of the  ‘forties’ army, and there was even a stage with great musical tributes to this fantastic era!

A memorial service to those who lost their lives was especially moving.

We met a great couple who were really dressed for the part, they willingly posed for a photo, then the guy admitted he was addicted to dressing the part after meeting his partner. On closer inspection we did, however, spot a few earrings in his ear.

There were ‘forties’ side shows, caravans and hotels selling typical food and drinks from the era, best of all for me, the bacon sarnies with a cup of tea for around £2! Everyone was so friendly, the weather was brilliant and the market was great selling clothing, memorabilia, food and antiques all from, you’ve guessed it, ‘the forties’.  We ended this great day with a drink in the Lancaster Hotel.

A glorious event with a fabulous atmosphere, this is a terrific place to visit, particularly over this hugely entertaining weekend! I would urge anyone with an interest in our country’s past to put a visit on their list.

By Lesley Tan

Lesley Tan
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