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31st August, 2015 | Article By Srijalism

An open letter to the Highest peak in Karnataka :

Dear Chikmagalur,

I am coming. I know you will drench me with all your strength. I know you are going to be much tougher than all my previous treks, being the highest peak in Karnataka!

I know the temperature will be 10 degrees less than my Bengaluru, which is relatively cooler than most parts of India in the month of June. I promise you that I will take care not to disturb my surroundings as I go. It pains me equally when people stop caring about you. Let’s take a pledge today that from this day onwards we won’t litter anymore. I will not make much noise and try to disturb you as little as possible. I am sorry for all the stupid acts that we, as human beings, have been doing to you and in turn, paying the price for it in the form of all the calamities. But from this day onwards we will embrace you and love you.

Back-Story :
After trekking through Westerm ghats of Coorg and walking through adventurous mountains of Ramnagar – Karnataka was next on the list. So here I was in the district of Chikmagalur, to conquer the highest peak of Karnataka!

How it started :
It was a Saturday morning and instead of waking up comfortably with a cup of tea in bed, here I was some 280 kms away from Bengaluru. After an introduction to all my fellow trekkers, we began our trek! There were two instructors with us. One leading the group and one bringing up the rear, to keep track of everyone.

The Trek : from green towards blue
Half asleep after last night’s journey, we started walking. The weather was as pleasant as it could possibly be. Rounds of selfies and profile pictures started taking place everywhere. Temperature : 15 degrees ( real feel ). Meanwhile it was 45 degrees at my birth place in Chhattisgarh – a chilly start to say the least!

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