Bramwood Holiday Home South Wales

3rd March, 2019 | Article By Bramwood Holiday Bungalow

Bramwood is an accessible holiday home based on the Gower Peninsula, one mile back from the World renowned beach of Rhossili and Worms Head.  We cater for anyone who may have a mobility issue or is a wheelchair user.  There is an ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Sky2 X-Y ceiling tracking hoist and a Floor Lisa hoist.  We have a profiling bed and specialist bathroom equipment.

Bramwood Holiday Bungalow is designed to accommodate wheelchair users, disabled or accompanied disabled people. Unique to the Gower and renovated to allow easy access around the property and includes rooms comprehensively adapted to enable a guest of limited mobility to stay in comfort. Located on the Gower Peninsula close to Swansea, South Wales.


Our spacious bungalow fully equipped for you to enjoy a stress free holiday. Bramwood Disabled Holiday Bungalow includes latest equipment from leading manufacturers including ArjoHuntleigh all provided to aid your stay. An extensive range of equipment is provided and the bungalow and gardens are fully accessible.

By Bramwood Holiday Bungalow

Bramwood Holiday Bungalow

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